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Life is about sharing, loving, and caring. I'm so grateful to have you to experience all of those things with in my life! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For a Friend
A friend like you deserves roses. You deserve chocolates. You deserve everything wonderful. A friend like me is grateful to have such an awesome friend that is so worthy of being spoiled! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Kids
Hope your Valentine's Day is like the biggest, most wonderful hug that you've ever received...warm, sweet, and full of love! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Godchild
I really can't name ONE thing that's wonderful about having you for a godchild. It's hard when a GAZILLION wonderful things about you keep popping into my head! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Special People
I have a riddle that is for you today. It's super simple to do. Who's the most wonderful teacher on the planet? In case you're stumped...IT'S YOU! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages From Secret Pal
Guessing is so much fun. I hope that you agree. That's why you have to guess the wish-sender...that's me. Happy Valentine's Day From Your Secret Pal! - Woman to Woman Valentine Messages
Valentine's Day is for lovers. So what! Why can't it just be for anybody that loves chocolate? There are always rules and attachments to stuff. Happy Ridiculous Valentine's Day! - Love Valentine's Day Messages
There is so much more to our relationship than just the physical things...I LOVE those physical things, but there is definitely more to us! Happy Valentine's Day! OK...Can we get physical, now? - Valentine Messages For Husband
To My Husband, My Love...What I have found in you can never be duplicated or replaced. It is a true and genuine love that comes from the depths of one's very being. Thank you for being in my life and for showing me that same love! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Wife
You see something in me that no one could appreciate. I'm happy it was you that saw it and happy that you're the person that I get to spend my life with! Happy Valentine's Day To My Wife! - Miss You Valentine Messages
What's a spoon if it doesn't have any dessert to snuggle with? My point exactly!! I'm missing you like crazy! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Parents
Two wishes in one, that's what you are to me. Perfectly wonderful parents that are as loved as you can be! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Father
Nothing short of wonderful would do for a Valentine for someone as wonderful as you! Happy Valentine's Day, Dad! - Valentine Messages For Mother
Happy Valentine's Day From All Of Your Children...You may not BEE-lieve it, but we are so happy that you're the Queen Bee in our little buzzy lives! - Valentine Messages For Grandparents
The love that you have for each other is always showing through. But, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I love you very much, too! Happy Valentine's Day To My Terrific Grandparents! - Valentine Messages For Grandfather
It's very natural for you and others may not understand, but you're a special grandfather...a wonderful and special man! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Grandmother
For Valentine's Day, I'm sending you hugs, kisses, and wishes you'll like. You're the world's most awesome grandmother and I hope that Valentine's Day is full of delight! - Valentine Messages For Godparents
You deserve something wonderful, something special, and something just for you! Here's a massive hug and kiss from someone who loves you bunches...ME! Happy Valentine's Day, Godmother! - Valentine Messages For Aunt
Happy Valentine's Day To My Wonderful Aunt...I would not be who I am if I hadn't had you in my life. You added sparkle, happiness, comfort, and love. May your Valentine's Day be filled with all that you have given me! - Valentine Messages For Daughter
There's something really magical about you and all the love you give to me. I'm very grateful for you, Daughter. You make my life even more happy! May you have a beautiful Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Granddaughter
May your Valentine's Day be colored with the things that make life so amazing...just like you are! Happy Valentine's Day, Granddaughter! - Valentine Messages For Niece
There are so many words that I could use to describe your beautiful smile, but this card is sooo small, they won't all fit! Happy Valentine's Day, Niece! - Valentine Messages For Sister
You're on my mind and in my heart, and you have always been so sweet. May your Valentine's be just like you, and may you get plenty of yummy treats! Happy Valentine's Day! - Valentine Messages For Brother
You're my brother and I love you. Having a familial bond like ours is part of what defines a person's life. You've helped to define mine by making it more wonderful! Happy Valentine's Day To My Brother! - Valentine Messages For Grandson
You and your family mean so much to me. I am wishing you a Valentine's Day that's as sweet as it can be! Happy Valentine's Day To My Grandson and His Family! - Valentine Messages For Nephew
One of the best things about Valentine's Day is for me to hear your voices or see your smiles! Happy Valentine's Day To A Wonderful Nephew and His Wife! - Valentine Messages For Son
We have been given such an amazing gift and that is you. You are a special part of what makes us a family. May your Valentine's Day be marvelous just like you! Happy Valentine's Day, Son! - Valentine Messages For Uncle
Happy Valentine's Day to one of the funniest, more terrific uncles that ever walked the earth! Yes, that's YOU!!
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